Ceramic Components for Arthroplasty and Dental Restorations

HiPer Medical AG is a medium sized medical technology company located in Oberkrämer, part of the capital region of Berlin. HiPer Medical develops and produces endoprosthetic components and blanks for dental restorations from advanced ceramic materials complying with all relevant standards. Our quality management system fulfills all applying requirements laid down in EN ISO 13485 and safeguards product quality as well as patient safety. Our customers procure certified components (CE marked, class III medical devices: EC design examination certificate) or OEM-products.

Outstanding clinical performance and safety of our products are achieved without sacrificing cost effectiveness. Our goal is to enhance access to modern health care treatments for as many patients as possible.

Our medical devices are developed and produced at our facility in Oberkrämer based on more than two decades of experience in manufacturing advanced ceramics for challenging industrial and biotechnological applications.


HiPer Medical AG

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