Premium Ceramic Hip Implants

Femoral and acetabular implants for hip arthroplasty made from our high performance materials ELEC® and ELEC®plus have proven themselves as safe and effective in more than ten years of clinical use.

ELEC® femoral heads can be combined with all conventional stem materials and represent a low wear alternative to metal femoral heads in polyethylene articulation.

ELEC®plus femoral heads and ELEC®plus acetabular inserts are ideally suited for implantation as an extremely low wear all-ceramic bearing due to their very high strength.

For revision surgery we offer ELEC®plus revision femoral heads which are designed to be mounted on a stem left in situ.

ELEC® and ELEC®plus components are manufactured from highly pure starting materials without adding any coloring agents (e. g. Chromium) therefore, more than qualified for long-term residing in the human body.

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